From Crabapple Poodle Families:

"We have made the 1200 mile trip to Colebrook five times(the sixth trip this coming September), and it’s worth every mile, to have these happy, joyous, healthy,  Poodles a part of our family…" Jeanne+Dave<more>


  "For anyone who is interested in having a Standard Poodle become a member of their family,I sincerely urge you to take a trip to Colebrook,NH and meet with Arlene and her wonderful array of poodles…" Diane <more>


"No matter where we go with our pups, we are always stopped by droves of people wanting to meet our poodles. They're first drawn by the colors I think (Franklin is a very deep apricot/red and Iko is a black and white parti-colored poodle) but are always taken by their personalities. When they ask where we got them, we say 'Crabapple Downs' with a sense of pride that can only be attributed to Arlene and her painstaking efforts to breed the best poodles possible." Rachel+Jeff <more>


"Arlene is one of the most caring people I have ever met. The love she gives to every single puppy born at crabapple downs is shown in the way her puppies continue to love her throughout their lives." Jennifer <more>


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