It was 2003, and I was a newbie on PPNH Poodle List, reading about everyone’s plans to go to the annual Poodle Party in New Hampshire.  It surely did sound like fun, and one of the gals explained how it started with Arlene just after 9/11, and encouraged me to make the trip the following year.

I brought it up to my husband, and he agreed to go the following year. We had a great time in ’04, meeting the people I had “talked” to on line. 

 We have made the 1200 mile trip to Colebrook five times (the sixth trip this coming September), and it’s worth every mile, to have these happy, joyous, healthy,  Poodles a part of our family, and to know these wonderful Poodles and their people, who have been extended family all these years.

Jeanne, Dave,

Morgen and Cole

  For anyone who is interested in having a Standard Poodle become a member of their family,I sincerely urge you to take a trip to Colebrook,NH and meet with Arlene and her wonderful array of poodles.Over eight years ago,I was fortunate to have been put in contact with Arlene and I did take that trip to Colebrook and came home with my very first Poodle, a red Standard pup. Very shortly thereafter, I took the ride again,and came home with the prettiest little silver puppy! With only brief intervals, I returned to Crabapple Poodles four more times!

I am now owned and operated by six of the most wonderful companions,in a rainbow of colors, that I have ever known;my Crabapple Poodles.They have become the center of my world and I couldn't possibly love them more than I do.

My Crabapple poodles are very healthy,too intelligent,full of fun,and utterly devoted.

Arlene,owner/breeder of Crabapple Poodles is extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions and give sound advice.She is a remarkable woman,and more likely than not,will become a valued friend.

I will be forever grateful for discovering Crabapple Poodles.


Southborough, MA

Finding Arlene up in Colebrook was one of the best things that has ever happened for us - and this isn't an exaggeration. When we realized it was time to add another dog to our diverse family after losing our 17.5 year old Eskie, we knew a standard poodle was for us since standard poodles are known to have the traits we were looking for - intelligence, temperament, and an all around good-natured attitude. In addition to two humans, we also had a Bichon and two cats (as well as two young nephews that are sometimes around) so these traits were super important to us. It was a bonus that poodles don't shed, which is something we enjoyed about our Bichon! 

The next step for us was finding a responsible breeder that took care to breed for not only these traits but also worked to ensure low inbreeding coefficients in addition to a focus on health.  We researched breeders across the US and into parts of Canada and felt that Crabapple Downs was the breeder for us.   

So, in August 2011, we contacted Arlene and set an appointment to meet some puppies and Arlene as well. When we arrived at Crabapple Downs, Arlene took the time with us to make sure not only were we comfortable with her, but she was comfortable with us and the home we would be providing to one of her babies. We were there I think for 4 hours and not once did Arlene rush us or make us feel like one of our millions of questions was a stupid question! Once Franklin picked us, Arlene took the time to explain everything to us and let us know that we could contact her at any point with any and all questions. She encouraged us to stay in touch.

Franklin has been an amazing addition to our family and gives us joy every day (as well as many laughs as he's very much a clown). His temperament is amazing, his intelligence, well, let's just say I'm pretty sure he outsmarts us on a daily basis, and his good-natured, fun-loving personality is awesome. He fit right in immediately! 

Well, when we decided we wanted a third dog, there was no question in our minds that we wanted another Crabapple Downs Standard Poodle! In July of 2012, we made another visit to Arlene and Iko came back to Connecticut with us! Like Franklin, Iko fits right in. He's only 3 months old as I'm writing this, but his intelligence and temperament are already shining through. He's already sitting consistently on command and is learning at a quick pace. We couldn't be happier with our two s'poos!

We kept in touch with Arlene and have asked countless questions about vaccinations, tick treatments, etc. Arlene, true to her word, has always been there for us. Her dedication amazes us.

No matter where we go with our pups, we are always stopped by droves of people wanting to meet our poodles. They're first drawn by the colors I think (Franklin is a very deep apricot/red and Iko is a black and white parti-colored poodle) but are always taken by their personalities. When they ask where we got them, we say 'Crabapple Downs' with a sense of pride that can only be attributed to Arlene and her painstaking efforts to breed the best poodles possible. 

Thank you, Arlene.

Rachel and Jeff Fogle

Norwich, CT

I can not thank Arlene enough for bringing my two poodles into my life! Murphy and Delilah bring so much love and laughter into our family. 

Arlene is one of the most caring people I have ever met. The love she gives to every single puppy born at crabapple downs is shown in the way her puppies continue to love her throughout their lives.

When you get a puppy from crabapple downs with it comes an extended family of amazing people! 

Thank you Arlene for your love and devotion to this wonderful breed.

Jennifer Benevento

Lynn, MA

Arlene, we cannot thank you enough for our Crabapple Downs Dolly!! She has been nothing but our joy and

never done anything but try to please since the day she came home over two years ago. Dolly "chose" us as a

seven-month old. It can truthfully be said that she has never done anything wrong! Her disposition

is sweet and she is an intelligent, strong, healthy dog. Spending days at a time at your kennel

helped us in understanding your philosophy of breeding for health, longevity and disposition and how

inbreeding and line breeding have been so detrimental to breeding lines with long-term effects that

will take generations and generations to correct. Your kennel and home are always open and

welcome for people interested in purchasing lovingly-raised, healthy dogs. Being so delighted

with Dolly and our experiences with you, getting our second poodle, Leo, a year later was just natural!

Charlie and Deb Pope,

Auburn, MA

Arlene, Cyrus is such a wonderful dog.  Every Tuesday I take him to training from 5:30 to 6:15.  The trainers have asked me if I'm going to put him into further training like Agility, Therapy, Good Citizens, etc.  When we "heel," he prances around.  Then I take him to the Town Dock where on Tuesdays there is music and hundreds of people gathered.  Cyrus would make you so proud.  Kids come up to him and pet him and he is wonderful with them.  Tonight the cutest little girl (about 4) came up, sat on the blanket next to him  and had her arms around him  and was pressing her head against his while combing her little hands through his topknot.  She was also petting my friend's malti-poo, but you could see she was enchanted with Cyrus.  Her father came and took her away, but she came back 2 more times.  Wished I'd had a camera!!!!  People have come up to me and told me what a  beautiful dog he is.  Near the end of the music, he went behind a small structure and all I saw was a pizza box and people looking at him.  I asked, "Was he trying to eat your pizza?!"  They assured me that he wasn't and that they were just admiring what a wonderful dog he was and on and on.  When Cyrus & I were walking back to the car, we went by the ice cream place with people outside sitting down eating.  I thought to myself, " I hope he doesn't lunge for a cone!" So, I just walked by briskly and overheard a man say, "Look at him prance!"  This poodle is giving me a swollen head!!

Evie, Al

No. Kingston, RI

Hi Arlene,

Rowan was a big hit in Southwest Harbor and Acadia National Park. Loads 

of people stopped to visit with him and were awed by his outstanding 

color. ( We told everyone, Crabapple Poodles come in all colors.) He was 

delighted to meet and greet everyone. He is a very friendly, bright , 

happy little guy. Not so little actually. We think he will be bigger 

than Tristan. He and I hiked on park trails early each morning and made 

several walks into town every day.

He watched the Flamingo Festival parade and enjoyed a band concert in 

SWH. He is one very well socialized puppy.

Before we left on vacation, Rowan graduated from Puppy Kindergarten. 

Last week he started Beginner Obedience. He was the youngest dog in the 

class and also the star since he was the only one who attended Puppy 


He has been a total joy. He goes everywhere with me just like Tristan 

did . I cannot imagine what Tris's passing would have been like for me 

and Tom without having Rowan.

Thank you for this wonderful puppy who is bringing us so much joy and happiness.

Best wishes,



Thank you for the good work you do Arlene.

Beginning with your interview of potential buyers

for your Crabapple Downs poodles.  It is clear you

have genuine caring for your curly bright pups.

The boundless investment of your time and caring for

them remains evident as they develop into super

intelligent, sensitive, engaging dogs.

Thank you for reversing the alarming trend so many

breeders practice.  It too is clear that 'back-breeding',

'in-breeding', 'line-breeding' are softened phrases 

denoting incest-based breeding.  If the practice were

not so harmful, there would be no need to soften phrases.

Arlene, your work allows the stuttering of DNA to

cease.  As a result of your efforts, you are providing us

with smarter, healthier and very good looking poodles.

I say, "Experience the Crabapple Downs difference!"

Melody Emanuel



Dear Arlene and the gang, 

I sent a number of photos of luna, most recent, except for the photo in Canada. I hope the photos came through. I have 1000's of photos of Luna, and exercised restraint in not sending many many more, ha-ha. Once again, I must thank you for all you do to bring such joy to so many. Having Luna as our dearest friend and family member for the past 12+ years has meant so much in our lives. I hope we will have many more years together. Luna is a "moyen"....we have had so many compliments about her size, just perfect.... like the rest of her. She usually weighs about 25#, but recently was down to 21#. I hope her dental procedure, which included several extractions, may help her to gain weight. We feed her only excellent kibble, such as Wellness Core, as well as human quality canned salmon and other treats, such as baked turkey, from time to time. She loves broccoli and lettuce butts, as well as other veggies also. She is so smart, and always knows what we are planning to do, before we know it ourselves. Of course there are numerous words we must spell, although I am convinced she has learned even to understand the meaning of W- A- L -K .! Luna lives with 2 cats who joined our family long after Luna did, and I believe Luna continues to wonder why we brought those felines into our home. However, she tolerates them, and even defends them against larger neighbor cat bullies, on the rare occasion when the kitties escape from the house.We will stay in touch with you guys at crabapple downs. 

Margaret King and Jim Loughborough


Hi Arlene, 

Charlie, our amazing red Moyen (Brandi X Adam) has been part or family for 7 months, and it's about time that I write you about him.  Basically, he is very smart, playful, handsome, energetic, friendly, engaging, athletic......just think of a positive attribute and he has it!

   We knew we had a special dog on the 4 hour ride home to Longmeadow. He slept about half the time, sitting up looking out the window when he was awake. He was calm, cool, very  "chill."  We stopped 2 times…he did his business and was ready to get going again.  It was as if he had always been with us. 

When we got home, he ran around our yard, checking out the plants, rolling in the grass and then flying around us doing figure 8s.  He ate, went to bed with Manny on our couch, woke up once to go out, and then went back to sleep.  That morning, we went on a 1 mile walk, and he wanted to keep going.

After about a week we developed a routine and he was easily housebroken.  He started sleeping (with us) through the night after a two weeks. His vet ( Dr Penny Peck of Hampden) said he was  'beautiful' and 'perfect' the first time she saw him, and she says that on every visit. She has a rescued shitzu/mini girl.  

What he's like:

—It goes without saying that he is very smart…picks up on things right away and wants to learn more.  Likes to collect socks and bring them to us to share.

—People smile when he walks by them, with his beautiful tail curled up into  'C.'  You are so right about not cropping the tail, and he's such a happy guy that tail is always wagging. (The only drawback is that many people ask if he is a doodle.) At least once a week a stop will stop while we're walking to ask about him and shower him with compliments. He has a little hop and strut in his walk, like he knows he looks good.  Little kids really light up when he runs over to them, and sits while they pet him.  

—He loves people, and they love him.  He's a huge hit at the local Starbucks on Saturday morning when Manny hangs out with her friends, or when we walk through the local mini-mall. He likes other dogs too; he has a poodle friend who's about a month younger and they run each other to exhaustion, chasing and playing.

—He's very playful and full of positive energy, loves to tear around our yard. He has yet to destroy any furniture or shoes, etc. Maybe he never will?  We keep him well supplied with chews, toys, balls, etc.  He's fond of string beans for a snack.  He also likes to chew on my perennials (nothing poisonous), sticks, crabgrass and the moss in my lawn.  And of course, he likes to dig!

—He likes to stand on his hind legs, without encouragement—he must have circus genes.  Very athletic, he can fly through the air, running full speed, jumping about 2 feet high and 5-6 feet long. He weighs about 29 pounds, stands about 15 inches. He's going to be a perfect size for us  

He likes to hold objects in his mouth when we walk, something my old standard did. A friend of mine who has hunted with labs for years says Charlie has a 'soft mouth' and would make a great bird dog; is that a vestige of his ancestry?

I've attached a couple of photos;  they're not great, cause he's always moving?  But he is beautiful.

Anyway, I could go on but you're busy, making other beautiful dogs.  We want to thank you so much for our little puppy and can't thank you enough for letting us have him!  He fills our lives with joy every time we see him.

  Manny and John Abbott


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