Tails and Dewclaws

After researching why Europe and Australia have banned tail docking, ear cropping and dewclaw removal, I can, no longer, in good conscience, dock a poodle tail or remove their thumbs, (their dewclaws).   I admit I personally like the look of the 2/3rds show standard poodle tail, but I have grown to love the look of the graceful, long, natural tail with its slow, happy, wag and wave. I love to watch how freely the poodle uses this full, undocked, painfree tail, in comparison to the docked tail, which is seldom used with the same joyous abandon.  It is clearly evident that the docked tail, most likely, retains some phantom pain, most, if not all, of the poodle's life.   After reading the research and learning of the possible, later in life, health problems that may trace back to the unnecessary amputation of a vital part of the poodle's anatomy because of cosmetic demands, I just cannot do it any longer.

If the poodle was given a tail and dewclaws as important parts of its body, who are we to say they do not need or use them?   Medical science in recent years has given us a much clearer idea of the mistakes we have made.  The research in the last 10 years has been incredible.  We need to listen and adapt and understand the harm we have done and be willing to change with the times. Crabapple Poodles will retain their natural tails and their dewclaws.

There are many good articles and research papers out there available on line..  I have listed a just a few.

For an article on dewclaws, "Do the Dewclaws?  M Christine Zink DVM, PhD, DACVSMR


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